Anticipation and Advent

Christmas Eve. Consumed by anticipation of what tomorrow will bring.

Remember when you were young? You were so focused on what presents you would get. It was all about you. It was hard to go to sleep.

The season is one of anticipation. By now you should notice the days getting slightly longer. This is the anticipation of spring and then summer–warmth and growth. And the food growing cycle. Some people don’t like celebrating Jesus’ birth on a day that pagan religions held holy. But just because other people like something, doesn’t me we can’t interpret it in the light of God’s working in history and celebrate it.

Even though some adults I know are still filled with that anticipation of a present under the tree, most of us are aware that we know what the present was. The “present” was a person. He showed the way to the Kingdom of God, and he was the Kingdom of God right there in the midst of the people of the time.

What is your anticipation for this new year? As the days grow longer and point toward a season of growth, what growth do you anticipate? Is it time for a new focus? A new mission? To reinvigorate your current mission? To meet new people? To renew old ties? To learn something new?

Advent is on our religious calendar to prod us to focus on the anticipation of Jesus entering into our lives fresh and new. We live in the anticipation that Jesus is not through working on us, yet. There is something new in store for us.

Today, we live in anticipation. Tomorrow, we celebrate.

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