Planting Our Beauty

Spring has arrived in northern Illinois. The rains of April have produced the fulness of green in the lush grass and in the leaves of the trees and bushes. The flowering trees showed off their colors.

The women of my neighborhood are digging and buying plants (flowers and herbs) and planting. In those homes where there are men able to get out we see men toting bags of dirt and peat and mulch.

We have almost rapidly experienced Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and now comes the time to live out those experiences. Have we checked our own beauty? Not Hollywood beauty. But that beauty of attitude that begins inside and radiates outward.

Perhaps you can think of someone who may not meet television standards of physical beauty but from whom you part after meeting and you think, “I like that person!” The joy, the empathy, the intelligence, the peace—whatever the quality—that just reaches and changes you.

The time has come to plant that beauty within ourselves.

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