We Are Human

“We are human.”

The podcast conversation on Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People with David Ambroz evoked horror, sadness, hope, even joy.

Ambroz released a book A Place Called Home: A Memoir. This Amazon executive with a degree from Vassar and a law degree from UCLA tells a moving story of growing up homeless with two siblings and a mentally ill mother. Foster care only led to abuse. But his mother managed to instill a few values and some good fortune and hard work propelled him out of the cycle into a successful life.

“How should we look at homeless people?,” Kawasaki asked. “They are human,” Ambroz replied. 

I have thought of a similar response every time I hear statements denigrating women, gay people, people of different ethnicities or colors. We are human. All of us. 

Think of the way Jesus related to Romans, Syrians, Samaritans, women, political extremists, people with extreme skin illnesses. He touched lepers. He healed Romans and Syrians. He talked frankly with a Samaritan woman.

Can we do any less?

We are human. Compassion–what a wonderful thing.

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