Getting A Heart Checkup

I visited with my cardiologist the other day. They checked a number of aspects of my heart’s health. Then they sent a thorough report that came through my app. Excellent results. It’s nice when you can go to a doctor and chat about vacations to Iceland rather than your imminent demise.

The experience caused me to wonder about my latest heart check up from my spiritual cardiologist—Jesus.

There has not been an app update from the kingdom of God about the status of my heart. However, nudges come to me when I sit in quiet and pay attention. Sometimes the nudges are more like getting hit by a 2×4 piece of wood. 

Rather than open my app, I need to open my spiritual eyes and awareness listening to what God is telling me—either reproof or excellent checkup. And I can adjust my way accordingly.

I maintain heart health through diet and exercise and stillness (meditation). I maintain my spiritual heart health through study, meditation, prayer, service, worship. Notice a blend of stillness and action. Kind of like that old Motown Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston hit—It Takes Two. Let your meditations and prayers form the foundation of your active life.

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