Practice the Presence of God

A fitness and longevity newsletter comes my way every evening. Last night relaxing before bed after driving to see our grandson in concert, I read to my wife about thinking of chores as a way of getting some exercise. She said, “Well, you could unload the dishwasher.” Always practical thinking of things for other people to do, that one. 35 years as a teacher.

During meditation time this morning, I thought I’d channel my inner Brother Lawrence, and unload the dishwasher putting away the dishes (OK, I needed a mug for coffee). Brother Lawrence was known for being in conversation with God while doing his kitchen chores or whatever else he was doing.

That we should establish ourselves in a sense of GOD’S Presence, by continually conversing with Him. That it was a shameful thing to quit His conversation, to think of trifles and fooleries.

I wonder if more of us were in continual conversation with God what the impact on our society wherever you are would be. I know I forget…often. But, Brother Lawrence adds some advice that sounds like the modern build-a-habit writers.

That in order to form a habit of conversing with GOD continually, and referring all we do to Him, we must at first apply to Him with some diligence: but that after a little care we should find His love inwardly excite us to it without any difficulty.

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