He Is God, I Am Not

I’m going to steal this phrase from Rich Dixon who writes on Jon Swanson’s blog every Wednesday. He tells the story of his paralysis and eventual working through it and eventually raising thousands of dollars for his children’s charity riding a hand-cranked bicycle on distance tours.

He’s God. I’m not.

Perhaps we all need to sear that into our mind. Into our soul.

All faiths. All genders. All ages.

He’s God. I’m not.

I choose to limit my news intake. Most of the time it’s meaningless to me. It just stirs up emotions with no way to release them. But I have an idea of what’s going on in the world. And politicians everywhere need to make this phrase part of their soul as they pass or try to pass laws as if they are god, he’s not.

How often have I acted or spoken as if I’m God, he’s not? I believe it’s the Baptists who use the term convicted as in when I finally realize I’ve done wrong. I stand convicted. How about you?

It actually should be a relief that I don’t have to be God any longer. I don’t have to make a career of telling people what to do with their lives. I let God take care of me, and I just serve others.

Thank you Rich for your story. And your ministry. And for giving me this phrase to meditate on and turn into personality–He’s God. I’m not.

One Response to “He Is God, I Am Not”

  1. Rich Dixon Says:

    Hi Gary, Thanks for the kind words…and the reminder. He’s God. I’m not.

    I’m glad.

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