Fear Not

“My child, do not let these escape from your sight:

keep sound wisdom and prudence,

and they will be life for your soul

and adornment for your neck.

Then you will walk on your way securely

and your foot will not stumble.

If you sit down, you will not be afraid;

when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.

Do not be afraid of sudden panic,

or of the storm that strikes the wicked;

for the LORD will be your confidence

and will keep your foot from being caught.”

Do not fear—one of the most common God-responses in the Bible. These words from the Proverbs point us toward an antidote for fear. The writer earlier talks about carrying these words in your heart—meaning that we should make them part of our life. 

Proverbs are not to be memorized—they are to be lived.

Did you make a New Years’ Resolution about getting away from social media? More than 3,000 years ago ancient Hebrew thinkers had this to say:

“Do not quarrel with anyone without cause, when no harm has been done to you.”

Quotes are from The Life with God Bible NRSV–Old Testament, Renovare, Richard J. Foster, Dallas Willard, Walter Brueggemann, Eugene H. Peterson, Bruce Demarest, Evan Howard, James Earl Massey & Catherine Taylor

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