Knowledge or Curiosity

You are bringing a new person into your company or organization or committee. Two candidates present themselves. One strives to impress you with the extent of their knowledge. The other obviously has knowledge of the field, but they impress you with the quality of questions they ask and their overall history of curiosity and ability to learn new things.

Which do you bring on?

If you chose the second, you chose wisely.

Research dating back to the mid-1980s revealed that in the long run Liberal Arts majors with ability and desire to learn new things who were also insatiably curious outperformed MBA graduates.

Speaking from my experience, I had a technical/engineering/math background but decided to end my university time in as much of a classical Liberal Arts program as my university allowed. That combination has served me (and my employers) well.

I think it works in spiritual formation work, too. Some people seem to know it all. But, they also seem stuck. Back when I was a teacher, I’d learn what I needed to teach or lead the session. I also learned from my class. I loved the people who were striving to learn. They’s ask the most off-the-wall questions. They’d make me think. I turn, I’d try to make them think. That generates so much energy the entire room feeds from it.

Even in (or especially in) spiritual growth and development including Bible study never stop asking and never stop learning. We’ll never know it all.

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