Take a Walk

Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake. — Wallace Stevens

Wallace Stevens is one of my favorite poets. He was both insurance executive and poet. I tend toward people who exhibit both sides of the brain.

Perhaps you have experienced this truth. Many people whom I’ve read recently discuss how they come to insight after taking a walk in nature. I’ve done that. Many times. 

You walk for a while. Your mind is churning over your latest problem or setback. Gradually nature takes over. You hear a bird calling its mate. Or perhaps geese flying overhead squawking directions of flight to each other. You begin to notice the pond or trees or grasslands. Nature settles in pushing the churning aside. Now you are able, if you listen, to hear the whisper of God. Perhaps the answer is stillness. Or a more specific answer penetrates your awareness. You now have a direction and the calm to pursue it.

Yes, sometimes a walk around the lake provides healing medicine.

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