Contradictory Advice

“They” told you that you need to walk 10,000 steps a day for good health.

Then, we find out that the number 10,000 came about to fit a design in Japanese which looked good with the Kanji character for 10,000.

Then, another study says that 7,000 steps is good.

Followed by another study that the number of steps isn’t as important as how fast you take those steps.

I received a newsletter yesterday that put the number back to 10,000.

I study health, nutrition, exercise and have training and certificates for whatever good that does me.

That’s the trouble. There is some science, but not enough. Some opinion, but way too much.

Sometimes I feel that way about biblical studies and religious advice. Too many opinions; not enough life.

And many of us who try to put spirit to life fall short.

But, we try.

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