The Anger Test

I’ve missed a couple of days here. The 2022 edition of the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS, formerly the International Machine Tool show) is running this week in downtown Chicago at McCormick Place. I have moved to the greater Chicago area commuting from home rather than from a hotel far enough away to escape $500/night rates in downtown.

I last wrote about anger. I decided to leave home at 6:00 am to avoid the heaviest of rush hour traffic. The plan didn’t work. There was an accident ahead. Google Maps kept routing me off I-90 onto surface streets to go around tight spots on the freeway. Still, the trip took 40 minutes or more longer. I arrived at the parking lot later than my plan allowed. I lost writing time at the McDonalds on the lower level of the North Hall. Breakfast with Ronald was possible and catching up on soccer referee news. But not everything I had planned.

There was a time the traffic slowdown would have frustrated me. Coming from rural west Ohio where a slowdown on I-75 meant going at the speed limit, 5 mph was slow. And then the loss of writing time. All the plans gone.

I’ve learned over the 20 years of driving through Chicago. The two podcasts I listened to were entertaining and informative. I adjusted to doing what I could and not worrying. After all, the experience of meeting old friends and making new ones was ahead of me. And learning what was new in the industry.

Frustration leads to anger leads to disrupted relationships and opportunities.

Chilling out reframes the situation leading to learning and building relationships.

It was a great two days. Now it’s nice to be in my office chair looking out at the grass and trees behind the house and thinking. Oh, yes, and typing on my new MacBook Air M2 in midnight.

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