Catch Them Doing Good

Keep your eyes open and try to catch people in your company doing something right, then praise them for it.

Tom Hopkins

Business management thinker and writer Tom Hopkins nailed it with this little piece of advice.

How often in our organizations, churches, businesses, do we sit in judgement on people? People around us? Committee members? Leaders? People outside the organization? We can’t wait to catch someone doing it wrong.

I have a vision of elementary school teachers who sit at their desks or pace the floor watching for miscues. When you go to the board at the front of the class, they’re watching for each mistake. And we’re all like that. All the time.

In Jesus time, there existed a group of people who lived that life. They were the antagonists of the Christian Bible story. They were called Pharisees. Jesus was so encouraging in general, but not to the self-righteous. He pointed to the hypocrisy.

How wonderful to refocus our attitude and begin watching for people doing something right. Being helpful. Solving a problem. Trying.

Then, instead of being the voice of judgement, being the voice of encouragement. What a change for everyone.

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