Life Is Like Running a Marathon

When I was training as a soccer referee, I liked the sprint part of the training. I didn’t like the distance part even though it wasn’t really that long.

Sprinting you see the finish line just ahead. You spring off the line, work up to full speed as quickly as possible, maintain that top speed for the distance.

The 2,400 meters, or even running a 5K, took a mental toll. You can’t think of the finish. You must focus on the next step. One step at a time to finish the course.

Both the Apostle Paul and the anonymous writer of the letter to the Hebrews used running and training as metaphors for life. Throw off every yoke that keeps you down and run the race set before you.

I’ve known for many years that life is more like that distance running than sprinting.

The first requirement is to see the course in long term and set out in the right direction. Changing directions comes at a heavy cost.

Then it’s one step at a time. The next decision. The next relationship. The next task. You go forward with intention. Make decisions for the long term, not for short-term enjoyments. What stupid risks are you taking? What habits detract from the goal?

Run the race a step at a time. And keep going forward.

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