Full of Fear

“My God, the Ukraine is closer to travel to than Spain. What is going on there…” My friend from The Netherlands was discussing his feelings on what’s happening in Europe over coffee at last week’s tech conference.

“Gary, people are full of fear,” an old friend told me as we were discussing my investments.

I could take that approach of the evangelicals and tell them (and you and me) to “just trust Jesus and it’ll all be OK.”

But it doesn’t feel OK. It feels like other people are out to get us. The economy is out to get us. We’re surrounded by evil forces.

That trust part…it doesn’t come easily. It takes work. Persistence. Not daily prayer and meditation. Perhaps even hourly isn’t often enough. Paul told us once to pray without ceasing. The hero of the book The Way of the Pilgrim centered his life on trying that. Perhaps a good model for us.

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