An Exercise In Futility

Sprinkling the sidewalk

Someone set this sprinkler head to assure that my path was well watered yesterday morning on my walk. The only grass it watered was from runoff along the walk.

I thought, what an exercise in futility. All that water just running off the paved path and into the street and down into the storm water system.

Sometimes we may feel that meditation and other spiritual practices are like this—an exercise in futility.

One way to look at this is that at the edge our work does set an example for others we may not even know and help them grow.

Or, maybe with just a slight change in our direction we can provide nourishment for many others and find the true purpose of our life.

Sometimes while fulfilling our purpose for others around us we find satisfaction, joy, kindness for ourselves.

Check your direction and then go out and spread some joy.

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