Assume Responsibility For Yourself

Yesterday’s thought concerned taking responsibility for what we say. Many (most? All?) of us think saying whatever comes to mind, whatever we want, whenever we want to say it is perfectly good.

We don’t like constraints.

I wasn’t the best of parents. But one thing I would tell the kids as they went through the rebellious stages was that it was their job to push against constraints. It was my job to set and enforce the constraints.

We grow up. Hopefully mature. Then we learn to set and abide by our own constraints. We either learn to assume responsibility for ourselves or we remain locked in the little kids rebellious world.

I neither want to be two again or to be 16 again.

But we need to learn to assume responsibility for ourselves in other ways.

People interviewed on two podcasts I’ve listened to this morning learned constraints and responsibility for nutrition for health. One recovered much function lost to multiple sclerosis (MS) partly or mostly through a nutrition regimen. Another was an actor who talked of the initial struggle to learn to maintain nutrition and exercise while filming on location.

Throughout the pandemic beginning with the lockdown, I doggedly maintained as much discipline as I could with fitness and exercise. I lost some due to trying to find a place and equipment for weight training and Yoga. But, I took responsibility for rising between 5:30 and 6:00, meditating (over a cup of direct trade coffee), and walking briskly, jogging, or sprinting.

Now that the fitness center is open, I head over there. In addition to aerobic machines (in bad weather), there’s weights, the Yoga room, and then the whirlpool to get 20 minutes of healthful heat.

The apostle Paul talked of our bodies as the Temple of the Spirit. We should treat that Temple well. Nutrition, hydration, exercise, quiet time, sleep. A daily spiritual practice.

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