What Is Your Priority?

I am reading an advance copy of a new book by Andy Stanley (@andystanley) called Not In It to Win It discussing how the evangelical Christian church has driven away half of its potential new members by choosing political sides.

I’ll not review the book here. That’ll come later. It is just that while reviewing my notes on the book last night, I saw this sentence which hit me where it hurts:

Are we willing to prioritize our faith over our politics?

In other words, what is our priority?

  • Is it passing laws to force others to our point of view?
  • Is it putting Jesus’ teachings into action?
  • Is it loving one another as he loved us?
  • Is it going into all the world and making disciples?

What, then, does our daily life and actions tell the world about our priorities?

2 Responses to “What Is Your Priority?”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    Thank you for the notice about Andy’s book! I have been so frustrated by “Christian politics” I can’t wait to read this.

    • Gary Mintchell Says:

      I am beginning to hear more people speaking out about “purple”, both red and blue. I am optimistic that most people are that way, yet they are silent. Maybe the 2020’s version of the 70s “silent majority”? Maybe more of us will speak out with care and rationality.

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