Expectation and Encouragement

I’ve been thinking about discipling and educating. Yesterday I thought about the difference between a discipling relationship with a master and a traditional education relationship with a teacher.

An adult lifetime of observing parents at sporting events (thanks to 30+ years of soccer officiating plus some baseball umpiring) not to mention music and academics witnessed the growth of helicopter parents who hover over their kids to protect them from the evils of working things out to the more recent snowplow parents who try to make the way smooth for their kids once again to protect them from the evils of working their way through problems—or even just working.

An attitude of expectation and encouragement forge an environment to allow youth and adults to challenge themselves, grow, and develop skills and talent.

This works in families, organizations, schools..

Expect the best in the student / employee and you’ll often be rewarded. Provide encouragement to all. People so much respect those who encourage others to be their best. People who constantly denigrate others are themselves held in low esteem by others.

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