Words Devoid of Meaning

Words stating belief come out so easily. Perhaps within the context of the location or people around the words earn friends or stir up animosities depending upon the intent of the speaker.

Some people take others for what they say. My wife will say, “But she said that she believed …” or “But he said he’d do it…”

I am not one of those people. I’ll say, but it’s only words. It’s not like the song, “It’s only words, but words are all I have, to take your heart away.” (Which, by the way worries me about myself that I remembered the words to a BeeGees song.)

How often we see a politician, or preacher, or leader, or even friend act in a manner quite opposite of their words. How often have we ourselves found ourselves doing what what we said we would not. Or not doing what we said we would.

At the beginning of his last week, Jesus taught in the Temple courtyard where both common people and religious leaders were certain to hear. He told a story about two sons. One said he’d do what the Father asked, but he didn’t. The other said he would not, but he did do it.

Who was justified?

The one who does the will of the Father goes away justified. The one who only says he will but does not, well, he goes away without the blessing of the father.

We say of an athlete who fails to perform adequately that they “talk a good game.” How about you? How about me? Do we talk a good game? Or do we go out and play?

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