Knowing What You Don’t Know

Andy Stanley and Adam Grant accompanied me on today’s walk around the community’s ponds. Grant was on the Andy Stanley Leadership podcast.

Ancient peoples discovered long ago that you are what you repeatedly do. Read early in the book where Matthew records Jesus’ long “Sermon on the Mount”. No, actually, go and read it slowly. Good. Now, what was the punch line?

Not a trick question. Jesus concludes by saying whoever hears his words and does them is like a man who builds his house on a solid foundation.

Beware of a person’s words only. Observe what they do.

Grant is a respected writer and researcher of human behavior. He looked at some recent research determining that there are three behaviors that we may fall into: preachers, prosecutors, politicians. Preachers tell you what they believe. Prosecutors accuse you of bad things. Politicians seek to divide us to gain praise from some.

These he contrasts to the person who is always curious, seeking new knowledge, willing to admit being wrong in order to find the truth. These are doers rather than believers.

Jesus continually invited people to follow him. Follow is an action verb. You don’t sit on your behind talking if you are following Jesus. You are seeking, serving, helping, washing feet.

You can listen to what people say who are trying to influence you, but most important is to observe closely what they do.

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