Short Term Thinking and Missed Opportunities

We had a typical spring day with light, steady rain. The ground was already saturated as the frozen turf thawed.

As the water level in the turf rose, earthworms escaped drowning by finding dry spots. These were usually hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks.

We humans know what comes next even if the earthworms don’t. Things will dry. The sun will shine. The earthworms will shrivel and die. On the pavement that saved them yesterday.

Sometimes we humans act just like those earthworms. We find a quick and simple solution to a complex problem. Perhaps one sentence from the entirety of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles.

That sentence may temporarily make us feel good. Saved. But tomorrow, maybe things change and clinging to that one simple solution may cause us to stumble.

Let’s take another look at the earthworm problem. Robins. Those orange-breasted birds called (in North America at least) the harbinger of spring.

They have been scouring the yards relentlessly from dawn to dusk looking for worms.

This morning the sidewalks and streets were a veritable buffet feast for the robins. Earthworms right there in the open just for picking up.

This morning I was out exercising for about an hour. Never saw a robin.

Sometimes God provides a feast for us, and we fail to recognize it. We let an opportunity go by without a thought.

In both cases, we need to open our eyes and minds becoming aware of the traps and the feasts. God’s there. Where are we?

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