Overcoming Testosterone

Philosopher Ken Wilber wrote, “Civilization is a competition to overcome testosterone.”

My contemplations lately have centered on the results of testosterone meeting ego meeting fear meeting need for power. The resulting compound includes will to power, struggle, destruction, loss of life.

Jesus presented his way of living in the kingdom of God as a stark contrast to the world of power. Perhaps the power was that of the religious rule makers and enforcers of the day. The larger competition was Rome and its worship of power in every relationship.

We think we can change the entire world. We can see real-time events from everywhere around the globe and want to change everything.

The reality is that we must change ourselves. That, in turn, helps others to change—not by preaching or teaching, but by the way we live. As others change, it spreads as if by contagion. It happened from about 35 CE to about 350 CE. Then, the church gained power.

Today, we are presented the same choice of the way to live as those who met Jesus face-to-face. We can live in the kingdom of God (peace, freedom, relationship) or the kingdom of power (others make rules, fear, struggle).

I made my choice many years ago whom I will follow. What about you?

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