I Choose To Give A Damn

Seth Godin mentioned on his podcast recently that he has a favorite coffee mug that tells him, “I choose to give a damn.”

There are two verbs in that sentence that are important.

One is choose.

I choose—how I respond to daily stresses, what I feed my mind, what I feed my body. I can make the choice, or I can defer. I can defer the decision to others. Or to inertia.

The other is to give.

Giving not only helps others, it helps us as we give. And he tells us what to give. A damn. Meaning, I choose to care. I care about healing myself. I care about righting an injustice. I care about others (one at a time).

The conversation during university with a classmate about a professor. I expressed a concern. He said, “I don’t care.” I have been deeply affected by that flippant remark. Is that the Baby Boomers’ dilemma? Not caring about anyone outside ourselves? I don’t know. But I care.

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