Trust and Grace

I have had engineering jobs where the company trusted me to do the work correctly. A mistake could cost the company profits on the project. At the worst, someone could be hurt.

Trust is something earned over a period of time where you show competence and reliability. It can be lost quickly and easily. Make an obvious mistake, and you start all over again. Say something stupid, and you can live with the loss of trust for a long time.

Sometimes we violate the trusted relationship with God with thought, word, or action. Like any relationship, closeness is shattered.

The thing about God, grace is offered more readily than from almost all human friends. It’s actually there, waiting for us. God knows we will screw up in life. It is evidently expected of us. Unlike our human relationships where sometimes trust is lost forever.

With God, grace is always there, waiting on us. It is our own attitude correction that is required. With people, I wish I could be more like that. Offering grace more readily, that is.

The practices of receiving and offering grace are steps in our journey of spiritual formation.

One Response to “Trust and Grace”

  1. Lauri Hawley Says:

    Yes, I definitely need to grow in grace, especially after being hurt. Self protection seems so much easier, but ends up being so much lonelier.

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