Patterns of Life

My wife and I just finished a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. When I closed my eyes, I saw the puzzle pieces pattern. When I went to bed before sleep, I saw the pattern. I could stare at my computer screen and if my eyes were defocused, I would see the pattern overlaid.

What if we mentally stepped back and looked at the pattern to our lives. Perhaps over the past year. Perhaps projecting to this new year. What are our daily habits and routines? Our routine interactions with other people? What to we read, watch, and see?

Are these routines serving us in our quest for a life with-God?

Pause…breathe…reread that last question.

What one little thing could I change starting right this moment to make things better? One habit? One thing I allow into my consciousness? One interaction?

Decide and act. Now. Today.

Pause and reflect periodically. Maybe monthly. Maybe weekly. What pattern am I following?

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