I am finally seriously focused on this blog post. Should have been done four hours ago. I have two posts to do for my other blog. There is a book to read about consciousness lying on my desk. I have sketched out four podcasts, but I have not recorded one since the first part of October.


I bet no one else suffers from that malady.

Psychologists may tell me that the problem is fear. I’m afraid to start because it may not be good enough. I’m afraid to start because the initial idea may not carry through for the entire piece. I’m afraid to record the podcast because it is also video and my hair looks terrible. What will people think? If I read that book, I may learn something that changes my view of the world.

But, if I take the first step from fear to uncomfortableness I know the momentum will carry me through. There–here is the first one done. Now for the next step.

What is holding you back?

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