So Much To Know, So Little Time

The Internet is overflowing with information. One could spend a lifetime on Wikipedia immersed in things to learn. Just trying to remember everything in the Bible could take more than a lifetime.

Interested in health? The chemical and biological systems within just the human body, or even just one subsystem of the human body would take a lifetime to learn. That leaves no time for philosophy, psychology, the interoperability of the environment with life, or how computers work, or how to stop the VCR from flashing 12:00.

The best alternative is to choose what to study with intention. Instead of the entire New Testament, how about just being an expert on the Sermon on the Mount? Instead of reading 50 books this year, perhaps study one good book—maybe The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky? Or Shakespeare? Or NT Wright?

Maybe making this a year of focus would be worthwhile.

One Response to “So Much To Know, So Little Time”

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