I Choose Health, and Other Things

It happened many years ago. I remember lying on the bank of a creek in the warm spring sun watching otters play. I pulled out a cigarette. Back then I had taken up that disgusting habit for no apparent reason. The feeling of deep incongruity overcame me. How could I feel at one with nature and yet put such unhealthy stuff into my body? I stopped.

I learned to drink coffee with milk and sugar at university. And tea with sugar. One day grabbing a coffee in the break room at the manufacturing plant where I worked I became aware of the spoonfuls of stuff I was putting into my body (they used artificial creamer, of course). I stopped adding stuff to my coffee and tea–well, unless I have a cappuccino or, as I am now, having a chai tea.

I chose health.

Today, when faced with food or lifestyle choices, I have already chose. Or, if I choose to deviate, it is a conscious decision without guilt while knowing I will have to make up for it.

And I wear a mask and am vaccinated, because I’ve already made the choice for health. I understand those who fear needles or don’t want to “give in to authority”. I don’t agree, but I understand. I undertook a several year study into brain science and other physiology in order to understand. I won’t go into details, but suffice to say that the famous Descartes saying, “Cogito, ergo sum” was wrong. Reality is “Sum, ergo cogito.” For the Latin deprived, I am not a person because I think. Rather, I am, therefore I can think.

This is the week for New Year’s Resolutions. Or, does anyone make those anymore? Looking at the new year with a break in normal activities naturally leads to thinking of the future. I suggest choosing whom you will be. Not a resolution such as “I will lose 25 lbs.” which you will never do. Better are statements such as “I choose health” and “I choose to exercise every day.” Or, you can say, “I am the type of person who eats healthy and nutritious meals” or “I am the type of person who gets some exercise every day” or on another area “I am the type of person who gets up and writes three pages every day” or “I am the type of person who carries a sketch book and looks for interesting things to sketch every day.”

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