Intelligence is Scarce

Om Malik writes primarily about technology. I’ve followed his writing for more than 20 years. I appreciate his sensitivity and thinking. While researching on the Web regarding the Omicron variation of the SARS-CoV2 virus, he observed, “Information is plentiful; intelligence is scarce.”

Writing today on his blog 300 Words a Day and quoting from his book Saint John of the Mall (I love Jon’s imagination), he wrote this conversation with John the Evangelist, “That gives me theological whiplash,” I said. “What did Jesus say?” “Throughout that time, he was simply saying who he was. But because they were listening to him a phrase at a time and not a paragraph at a time, they were getting distracted, getting stuck.”

Going to rock solid source material and reading “a paragraph at a time” fosters intelligence. Reading spiritual writing watching for the working of the spirit builds on the momentum.

The celebration of Christmas is only a few days away. Advent, the time of preparation for the birth, is drawing to a close. Are you prepared? Have you read again the stories in Luke or John about the coming of Jesus. Not read just a phrase at a time, but read as a complete story?

Pause for a time each remaining day and read for intelligence. Prepare.

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