Are We There Yet?

We are traveling. The journey seems longer than we anticipated. We ask perhaps the oldest question, “Are we there, yet?”

I am not a student of the liturgical calendar, but I hear that we are in the season of Advent. Even though we know that Jesus appeared in the flesh 2,000 years ago, we set aside time each year to recreate in our hearts that journey toward his coming.

Because of his invitation—the invitation to enter the kingdom of God. We journey again from where we are to where that kingdom is. Geographically, the distance is nearby. Spiritually, maybe not so close.

Some have arrived. Perhaps we know one. They have the power of living with God—not political or social power. Power of life. It’s reflected in the peace, joy, calm assurance of their life.

Maybe we are at the door of the kingdom. The journey got us that far. Maybe this season of preparation will help us open the door—for the handle is on our side of the door. It is for us to open it. The journey completes when we open our door and feel the power of God infuse us.

At the journey’s end, life begins.

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