Making Disciples

Jesus commissioned his followers to a task. No, more than a task. It’s really a way of life.

Make disciples…

He didn’t say the end goal was how many people attend your church. Or even how many baptisms last week. How many people do you know who were baptized with great joy and then within a year had drifted away?

No, a disciple is someone who:

  • Takes great joy in learning
  • Makes the effort to emulate the teacher
  • Absorbs certain disciplines into the everyday fabric of life
  • Eventually looks for the next generation to lead
  • Exhibits the fruit of the spirit most of the time

He didn’t say extract a statement of agreement and then move on to the next conquest.

After totally upending the Roman culture of power in favor of a God-centered culture of love, he didn’t instruct us to seek political power to force others to agree with us. Or at least behave in public like we wish.

Did you pause this morning to orient your life toward God before beginning your day? It’s not too late.

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