Much Ado About Nothing

A cold snap, the first of the fall, was beginning last week. The geese in the pond and the cornfield behind my house were in an uproar. They filled the sky with loud honking of directions as they organized into their traveling Vs.

This morning I went that way for my daily exercise of walking and sprints. No geese. None in the pond. None in the cornfield (they love it when the farmer picks corn and leaves some grain on the ground).

I found them a bit later. They covered the larger pond across the road.

Squawking, flying, forming travel patterns—all to go one mile.

Are we like that? We get upset with something. Post vile and untruthful things on Facebook to soothe our own anxieties. Then just go back to our day. Nothing accomplished. No growth achieved. No embracing God who hovers close to us.

We complain, squawk, stir up emotions—and accomplish nothing.

Following Jesus, one would suppose that we use words to heal and encourage people, use our time for growing more mature spiritually, use our presence to bring peace to those around.

Let us not look back and say with MacBeth, “Life is…a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Rather, let us follow Jesus’s invitation to join him in living a full life.

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