Sitting on my patio this morning, my thoughts drifted to the juvenile things I’ve recently seen and heard adults do. Then I lifted my eyes, as the Psalmist would say, and saw the beauty of the trees and grass and coffee cup (well, thinking of the direct trade coffee in the cup).

Far better it is to contemplate beauty than lose myself in negativity. My friend Sarah commented on a Facebook picture I had posted, “You live in such a beautiful place.” I had thought, beauty is where you look for it. My friend is a beautiful person. I am blessed to know many beautiful people. This place is beautiful. So is where I’m from. So is southeastern Ohio where we often vacation. Or Norway, Ireland, Hungary and the many other places I’ve visited.

Such a far better attitude to carry into the day ahead with the many problems I will have to solve. Sometimes we just need this perspective to survive.

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