Drawing God into the World

Martin Buber wrote, “Once they told Rabbi Pinhas of the great misery among the needy. He listened, sunk in grief. Then he raised his head. ‘Let us draw God into the world,’ he cried, ‘and all need will be quenched.’ God’s grace consists precisely in this, that he wants to let himself be won by humanity, that he places himself, so to speak, into human hands. God wants to come to his world, but he wants to come to it through men and women. This is the mystery of our existence, the superhuman chance of humankind.”

Martin Buber entered my life through his book I and Thou (Ich und Du) when I was yet in high school. That was my introduction to Jewish thought aside from the Christian interpretations of Hebrew scriptures (the Old Testament).

The Associate Pastor of the church we left when we moved last year has a favorite phrase about being “the hands and feet of Jesus.” Same idea.

Which raises today’s challenge for living life with-God. How today am I bringing the grace of God into the world around me? How are you?

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