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I just finished my 3+ mile walk and the podcast that accompanied me. First thought, you all need to listen to this podcast. The subject is partly around policing in the US. But police are pretty much the same around the globe, just like people are pretty much the same around the globe. I know that people come to this blog from many countries, cultures, religious persuasions. This is powerful.

The podcast is called Typeology. Ian Cron is an Episcopal priest, therapist, and Enneagram guru. In this episode (which I download on Overcast, and is not yet on the Typeology website this morning, Cron holds a discussion with Mike Alexander, a former police chief and now a teacher to police and other organizations.

Personal development—how an introduction to the depth of the Enneagram gave him insight into himself (that day I met Mike Alexander, he said), and how he helps leaders learn to gain that same insight into themselves and the people they lead.

Leadership—you can’t lead and guide people that you are aloof from, you must build enough personal relationship to be able to see signs of distress and work with them to heal.

Racism—briefly they discuss strategies useful for defusing growing racism in the ranks.

People often confuse the purpose of the Enneagram. Some people treat it similar to an Astrological sign. Man at a bar, “Hi sweetie, I’m an Aries and a 7, wanna have a drink?”

It doesn’t work that way. It’s only useful for you, yourself, to work out your unconscious motivations and overcome the things that hold you back.

At any rate, when you get a chance, listen to this podcast. I listen every week and am seldom as moved as with this one. But then, I’m probably a 4 and moody 😉

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