There Is A Time

Perhaps written 3,000 years ago, and perhaps reflecting wisdom learned much before, the writer of Ecclesiastes advised there is a time to every season under heaven.

Evagrius Ponticus wrote in the 4th Century the Praktikos, or 100 practices for the acetic life. I recently referenced some thoughts on the evil passions. He followed those descriptions with this thought;

Reading, vigils, and prayer—these are the things that lend stability to the wandering mind…But all these practices are to be engaged in according to due measure and at appropriate times.

Evagrius Ponticus, Praktikos

These are among our Spiritual Disciplines or Practices. They have been known to be helpful for those seeking spiritual life.

But a warning. We can as well spend too much time in these as too little. And at the wrong times.

We need, perhaps, to rise from our study table and prayer chair in order to serve. In another teaching, Evagrius advises maintaining good health and physical fitness. Too much sitting reduces muscle tone and leads to illnesses.

We must practice our disciplines with balance aware of the health of body and mind, as well as, soul.

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