Just A Little Effort

I walked around our community’s little golf course this morning (without clubs and balls). It’s nice in the cool of the early morning. The path took me above a green. Looking down I saw a sand trap that had already caught an errant ball. I could tell because the foot prints and divot from the striking of the ball were clearly visible.

Not 20 feet away lay a rake. Just 7-10 steps over and back and the golfer could have been kind to those behind by smoothing the disturbance.

I thought about what a metaphor that was.

How often could just a little effort now make things so much better. It takes but a moment to hang up clothes. Or to rinse a dish.

Or, to pick up our inspirational or teaching book of the week and read, sit quietly and breathe intentionally in contemplation, or watch the birds and little furry animals eating and playing.

It takes only a few steps to begin our day such that the rest of the day goes better. That makes it better for those we come into contact with.

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