I’m sure we can find solace somewhere in the Psalms about my security is in the Lord. However, I think the Lord expects us to also not be a fool or asleep (as in the Proverbs) when it comes to our security.

Cybersecurity has made headlines in major media during the past couple of months. Some companies have paid many millions of dollars for the return of their data. A water treatment plant was hacked which could be a foreshadowing of malicious attacks to come.

I thought I would do a public service announcement this morning. For my other blog, I interview some of the leading cybersecurity experts in the US and Canada for my other blog. Yesterday, I had three posts on the subject.

We have all received emails from Nigerian princes and princesses with money to share. I hope we have all learned to not click on any of those links. It is very easy to copy a logo, make up a plausible email address, and construct a newsletter that looks like it was from your bank or the government or your utility. Click on the link and give them some information, and you just lost some money.

I know people who work in the cybersecurity field who, in the rush of business or upcoming holidays, have clicked a link and infected an entire company.

I don’t say yes over the phone. I don’t click links unless I have verified them by other means (you can hover over a link and see the real URL you are going to). The link I inserted above goes to The Manufacturing Connection dot com. You can check that. If there were a ton of seeming nonsense letters and numbers and a dot ru somewhere, don’t click.

Use the same principle as replying to someone, pause. Think. We get rushed, but we must learn to pause.

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