Still Thinking On Being a Disciple

“You don’t need a better computer to become a writer. You don’t need a better guitar to become a musician. You don’t need a better camera to become a photographer. What you need is to get to work,” says James Clear in his 3-2-1 newsletter.

Remember the guy who was talking with Jesus and told him he would follow Jesus after he had buried his father? He didn’t mean that afternoon. He meant that someday his father would die and he would inherit and then he could follow Jesus.

And Jesus did not give a kind reply. Basically it was, make your decision and go.

And there were others who had some lame excuse. And Jesus had no sympathy.

Similarly for us. We don’t need to wait for something new, something different, some equipment.

Being a disciple means starting now to model yourself after your master. From where you are. With what you have.

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