Will to Power

I saw news recently again about leaders in American Christianity wishing to flex their power muscles trying to coerce people into agreeing with their policy or opinion.

This, of course, is not something relegated only to American Christians. The intertwined histories of the Church and kings for a thousand years of European history contain great stories of power and the lust for it.

And not only America and Europe and not only Christianity.

But, back to Christianity—a religion purporting to follow the teachings of Jesus. And just what were his teachings on this very subject?

On the night before he stood before the power of Rome and essentially told it that it could destroy his body but not the Spirit and not the movement, Jesus had a bunch of his top lieutenants at dinner.

Jesus taught them, then he took off his “dress clothes” and proceeded to wash their feet. He performed the task of a servant. He told them that this is the role of a leader.

Jesus gave his followers an example of leadership—it is all about the Will to Serve not the Will to Power.

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