Truth Is Not Always In A Book

OK, there is some irony in this as I turn to the writing of one of my favorite mentors, Augustine of Hippo.

Some people, in order to find God, will read a book. But there is a great book, the book of created nature. Look carefully at it top and bottom, observe it, read it. God did not make letters of ink for you to recognize him in; he set before your eyes all these things he has made. Why look for a louder voice?

Augustine of Hippo

It is my habit to get outside for exercise at least five days a week—seven if a normal week. My body needs the work. It also needs the Vitamin D and other nutrients from sunlight. There are birds. Little furry animals (hopefully only the little ones).

From late spring through early fall I can find my morning reading and meditation time out on the patio.

To the one who notices, the presence of God can be found out in his creation.

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