What if

Perhaps the most powerful phrase for creativity.

What if…we didn’t live here, but elsewhere?

What if…I could work at a more meaningful job?

What if…Jesus meant what he said?

What if…I lived as if what Jesus said was meant for me?

What if…I didn’t comb through Paul’s writing looking for a list of rules but instead took Paul for what he said about living freely with love?

What if…I really practiced loving my neighbor?

What if…we all really practiced loving our neighbors?

What if…we became like a child and asked that question often?

I have two active blogs and two that I started for specific purposes and ended. Altogether I’ve written about 5,000 blog posts. That’s about 1.5 million words. What if I had not experimented with the first one back in 2003? What if I had turned them into a couple of books?

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