Ease of Use

I got up this morning, and, as always, I prepared for making coffee and taking my supplements then grabbed my iPhone.

No, I don’t check social media or email–except to see what Jon Swanson’s latest thought is. I awaken my phone with a tap and face ID, tap an app icon and check the weather, tap another app icon and pop up my Hey email client and check out 300 Words a Day, and I tap a third app and get a report on my night’s sleep from my Sleep Number bed.

This morning there was a flashback to the early days of personal computers. I used to buy a motherboard, serial cards, graphics cards, display cards, and whatever else I was playing with. I’d assemble into a case (I must have rebuilt a half-dozen computers using the same case). Then an operating system was installed. Then applications. Each was time consuming to install and tricky to use.

And Steve Jobs said in the late 80s that he wanted to build a computer that anyone could easily use.

The iPhone came in 2007 with the app store not long after. And he did it. Grandmas pick up an iPhone and click apps and send and receive messages, check the weather, FaceTime (or Zoom) with friends or grandkids, check on the stock market…

When I get stuck trying to remember the exact Bible verse or song lyric for this blog, I pick up my iPhone and do a quick search of the Internet.

I think of Jesus as sort of that Steve Jobs type. He came along and said we didn’t have to assemble the computer and add the operating system and tinker with things to get it to run. He said we didn’t have to memorize all 613 (or whatever the number is) laws of the Jewish scriptures and then live our life in fear that we may have broken one.

Jesus left commands and instructions that were easy to remember and follow. Love God and love your neighbor, love one another as he loved, go into the world and make disciples. Pretty much it.

But first, when we get up every morning, we have to turn on the operating system by getting into sync with the Spirit. Prayer, meditation, reading are the key, even if only for 15 minutes. It sets our hearts in the right direction. We are ready to just live the day. No worries about eating the wrong thing or touching the wrong person. Just live in the Spirit with Jesus as a guide.

Although I do miss tinkering with the electronics 😉

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