Self Deception

Jesus is bringing his teaching session toward a close. Studying the message afterward, we can read through and then read again. So, we notice a message he wishes to drive home to his listeners.

Do you know that the subheads so conveniently placed at the beginnings of sections are not part of the scripture? Just like chapter and verse numbers, some nice editor added those to make it easier for us to read.

The subhead for this paragraph in the translation I’m using (NRSV) says, “Concerning Self Deception.”

Jesus says, “Not all who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven.”

I have come across people who say that you only need to say the magic words and everything will be all right.

Jesus continues, “…but only the one who does the will of my Father.”

The concluding paragraph uses the analogy of the the wise person who builds a house on a solid foundation who is the one who hears Jesus’ words and acts on them.

I think we have a theme.

I also think Jesus knew people. He knew that it’s easy for us to convince ourselves we do well when we don’t.

Maybe we think that we ate a healthy diet yesterday, conveniently forgetting about the chips and cookies. Maybe we convince ourselves that we are saying things that are true when we are actually just justifying actions we know are duplicitous.

Self awareness is one of the keys to wisdom. Self deception follows our every thought. It’s a struggle we often do not realize exists. It’s all so clear to us…until someone points out the emperor has no clothes.

Avoid self deception. Seek self awareness…even when it is unsettling.

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