Backed Up and Out of Balance

The huge cargo ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal has been freed.

One blockage threw the entire shipping system from Asia to Europe out of balance. Backed up. Threatening economic health.

Sometimes our bodies get similarly blocked and out of balance. We lose energy and optimism Threatening our physical and emotional health. And when it’s free, what a great feeling.

Sometimes our intellectual life gets blocked and out of balance. We become fixated on an idea where we are right and everybody else is wrong. We cannot learn anything new. We are argumentative and surly and not pleasant to be around.

Sometimes our spiritual life gets blocked and out of balance. We are stuck. We’ve become “them versus us” religious. We think “certain kinds of people” cannot be as religious or accepted by God like us. We become unpleasant people behind our plastered on stage smiles.

Sometimes we’re like the cargo ship in the Suez–it takes a mighty and coordinated effort to clear us of the blockage and get our system back into balance.

Sometimes what we need for body, mind, and soul is simply to get out. Outside. Take a long, slow walk in nature. Hear the birds. See the otters, muskrats, rabbits, foxes or whatever is around. Walking is great for digestion. Outdoors is great for mind and soul blocks.

Try it with the attitude of gaining new perspective.

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