Do The Work

A brother came to one of the Desert Fathers, Abba Theodore, and began to converse about things he had not put into practice. Theodore responded, “You have not yet found a ship nor put your cargo aboard it and before you have sailed, you have already arrived at the city. Do your work first; then you will have the speed you are making now.”

How often we try to skip the work and arrive at the destination.

Once I worked for a man who was president of a small company as the marketing manager for a computer electronics product. We put together a marketing plan, packaging, started to find distribution. After six months, the president came to me, “I don’t understand. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were millionaires overnight at Apple, yet we are not selling boards.”

I replied, “No, Joe, they were not millionaires overnight. It took them years and several iterations before they found success.”

Joe may have had a Ph.D., but he wasn’t smart in the ways of the market.

Similarly, we need to do the work for however long it takes before we reach the point of wisdom. You have to chop wood and carry water before you can fix your meal.

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