Do The Work First

A brother came to Abba Theodore and began to converse with him about things which he had never yet put into practice. So the old man said to him, “You have not ye found a ship nor put your cargo aboard it and before you have sailed, you have already arrived at the city. Do the work first; then you will have the speed you are making now.”

You may think you are entitled to your opinion. Unless you have done the work of study and prayer first, no, you are not entitled to an opinion.

I have hired people in the past at entry positions who wondered how many months it would take before they’d be considered for president of the company. Unless you have done the work to learn the business and learn how to lead, you will only be president that quickly if your foolish dad owns the company.

I have watched craftspeople at work in awe of their skill. Then I realize the years of practice and learning behind that ability to form pottery on the wheel or pound out beautiful iron work or weave a beautiful carpet.

Do the work first, and then you will sail.

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