Antidote For The Season–Be Kind

I scanned my current notebook. There it was. Big letters. Almost shouting out at me.


  • To Yourself
  • To Others
  • To Nature

We must begin with ourselves, of course. How could we find the capacity to be kind to anyone or anything without that capacity within us?

Part of self-awareness is recognizing how we talk to ourselves. Do we constantly say bad things to ourselves about ourselves? What is our favorite word we call ourselves? Dummy? Ignorant? Worse than those?

Be kind to yourself. Exercise. Eat moderately and only “real” food. Give yourself an occasional treat. Stop dressing like a slob, show a little pride.

When I have calmed myself, I can find the capacity to be kind to others. Even the obnoxious others (you know who you are).

Get outside. Enjoy the air, flowers, trees, rain, snow, hills, and creeks. Be kind. Enjoy, but perhaps pick up litter and put in the small bag you pack for that purpose. Leave things a little better for the next person.

Today’s mantra to get into the spirit–and perhaps an able antidote to the toxicity of today’s political environment–Be Kind.

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