When A Proud Person Thinks They Are Humble

When a proud person thinks he or she is humble, then their case is lost.

Pride kills the soul.

Self-awareness guides our spiritual formation.

Personality assessments such as the Enneagram are useful only when used to probe for unconscious motivations and understanding tendencies. They also should be a guide toward wholeness as we work on those unhealthy parts of the personality.

Sometimes I think that Wisdom literature assumes that there is no cure for the proud person. I would hope there is. It’s called self-awareness. But an event must happen in our life that wakes us up.

We listen to the little boy who loudly proclaimed the emperor has no clothes!

That cloak of humility covering over our pride is actually transparent to all but the wearer.

Meditate on our thoughts until we can see–see ourselves in the mirror as others see us. The first step of growth.

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