Someone Is Counting On You

Christ is counting on you.

I went on a weekend spiritual retreat about 25 years ago. It was called a Walk to Emmaus. It was a life-altering event.

In order to keep the spirit that was ignited within you alive, the organization encouraged small groups. Going through my library the other day looking for something, I found the “Order of Reunion” card they gave us as guide to small groups. It is a small, wallet-sized tri-fold heavy paper. It proclaims in bold letters on that top page the saying I quoted above.

It’s laying on my desk. Staring up at me. I return the stare. “What does that really mean?” I ask.

Your teammates on an athletic team count on you to fulfill your role. Your family counts on you to fulfill your role. Your boss counts on you to show up and crank out the work.

But Jesus? What could he possibly need from me?

Bury myself in the busy-ness of church work? Stand on a street corner forcing pamphlets upon people passing by?

Perhaps spiritual growth–becoming part of the Kingdom of God? Living differently. Helping others.

I constantly remember how there were plagues throughout human history. And how the Christians of Rome added to their numbers by how they lived and served during a couple of those plagues (we now say pandemic) in Rome. And how people were impressed by their manner of living. And how they said, “I want what they’re having.”

And where did that go?

Maybe Christ is counting on me. And you. And you…

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